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Once COVID-19 sent the world to their homes, centuries old traditions of school driven curriculum underwent a rapid and transformative disruption. While initial reactions by institutions were ad-hoc and aimed at transferring the physical education world into the online platforms, e learning platforms or virtual learning platforms were being scientifically designed even pre-pandemic keeping in mind the need to develop future leaders, improve accessibility and bring down costs of education. 

Not only did online schooling grab the attention of stakeholders, it has also now become mainstream in certain household. 

What’s encouraging is that the ecosystem in India is witnessing the rise of some very credible online only schools, which have in short time produced marvellous results, and have sustained student retention on their platforms. Moreover, in certain cases, they have augmented the home-schooling system for some, and have helped parents’ better structure their child’s education.

Furthermore, the online mode is now being seen as a new way of learning to meet long-term goals. The United Nations Sustainable Development target for 2030 aim at enhancing skills and improving lives of people. With the non-physical nature of online education, anyone in any part of the world can equitably access education and become ably skilled. Within this framework, online only schools have re-invigorated the long awaited intervention of concepts such as skills based learning, concept based learning, inquiry based learning and so on and so forth.

This website will give you all the information you require for online schools, the criterion you should have while selecting one, or whether you should select one, along with key details which you need to keep in mind throughout the child’s online schooling journey.

You can create your own framework, and this website will give you all the info you require to create that framework. We make sure all details that we provide are accurate, and research backed. We also ensure that no aspect of online schooling is missed out, so that you, the parent, has all the necessary information in place, or no what necessary information to seek from the online school you are considering. 

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